Writer's Palette: Blue is never-ending
    Image by Booyabazooka from Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under Creative Commons.

    This is part three of our series “Writer’s Palette,” where writers express what a specific color means to them. This piece by Elly Rivera is inspired by the color blue.

    Blue is the color of sadness because Picasso colored his sorrows in blue. It reminds you of the tearful, somber moments in your life, when you feel alone and helpless. A blue shadow hangs over these souvenirs, just to remind you. The tears that belong to memories are also blue because that’s the color of water, and of the oceans that resemble the thoughts swimming in your head.

    But blue is more than sadness. It comes in a myriad of shades – from the shiny navy blues of graduation gowns, to the baby blues of small knitted caps and the wild, yet tame, blues of the sea. Blue is complex and blended. There are bad days when the color mirrors your pessimistic thoughts. But there are also days when blue matches the bright, sunny skies.

    It seems like blue is the color of every mood. Blue is the orbs in your blueberry pancakes, the sheets that shroud your bed and the ink that dances all over your love letters. Blue is everywhere, everything and everyone.


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