Tweeting the primary debates

    Whether to support their favorite candidates or to mock someone else, many Northwestern students tuned in to the most recent GOP and Democratic Primary Debates. Just as students commented to their friends as they flipped to Fox Business or NBC News, so too did Twitter to the world. NBN rounded up a few of the best (and worst) tweets of these debates. They pretty much speak for themselves.

    GOP Debate Jan. 14, 2016:

    Here’s a sampling of what Democratic candidates wrote during their opponent’s debate: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to appeal to her younger audience using reaction GIFs:

    ...She then attacks all Republican candidates with one blow:

    Senator Bernie Sanders went after his opponents with cute little pictures of his face:

    And, in case he was getting too negative, Sanders made sure to spread the inclusive love:

    Tweets about the GOP debate:

    Everyone loves a good meltdown...

    But, as it seems, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has no love for Republican candidate Donald Trump:

    Despite the turmoil Twitter put Trump through, he was ultimately considered to have given “his best debate performance of the campaign,” according to CNN. He, along with Jeb Bush and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, were considered the winners of the Jan. 14 Republican debate.

    Dem Debate Jan. 17, 2016:

    Republican candidates spent much of the debate trolling the Democrats:

    Carly Fiorina (though demoted to the JV debate) made sure to prove to everyone she is still is firmly conservative:

    If NU students are any indication of how much the public likes free swag, Marco Rubio’s tweet may be on the right track:

    Rand Paul bragged about his Twitter presence and made sure not to give up the opportunity for a sly dig about the debate:

    Jeb Bush tried to make a funny, if tired, joke:

    He couldn’t go wrong, however, with affirming the need to lessen government control:

    Tweets about the Democratic debate:

    The debate included a lot of speculation about scheduling it for the Sunday of a holiday weekend, which the New York Times addressed in this tweet:

    Though Clinton talked a lot about how she would make a better candidate than Sanders, according to the New York Times, viewers were “leaning toward Sanders” as the debate winner – partially due to his immense support from Twitter.


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