tw: anxiety, panic attack

    It’s suffocating

    a huge hand enveloping my chest

    a tightness that never goes away

    pure fear is on my mind all the time,

    I can’t rest.


    lungs? are you there?

    how do I know if I’m putting in enough air?

    and even knowing I won’t feel it in my despair,

    I try to feel my heartbeat with my bare hands

    I need to calm down, I can’t

    I take a chance

    and then I freak out.










    now I feel it in my chest, in my ears, in my mouth

    I need air! I need a doctor! I need help!

    symptoms of a disaster everywhere

    I’m dying, and now I know I care

    brace myself as I can’t feel my arms

    try to walk as my legs fail me

    I know I’m simply breathing too much

    but the siren in my head, it won’t stop

    I feel alarmed.

    and I know it’s happened before,

    and I know it’s not the last time,

    and I know I’ll get better if I don’t think about it anymore

    but please,


    don’t just tell me I’m fine.


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