In Photos: ResilientNU brings dogs to Norris
  • Wednesday, ResilientNU brought therapy dogs to Norris to ease student stress in the thick of midterm season.
  • "Actually being able to take a pause means your brain can get back to functioning closer to full capacity," said Sam Giovannetti of Northwestern's Health Promotion and Wellness Office. "It's like getting enough sleep. You need to sleep. You need to rest. You need to be nice to yourself. You need to take breaks."
  • Four-year-old Bernese mountain dog Leahy goes to places like Northwestern and Loyola to help students destress.
  • "He just absolutely loves people," his owner, Selina McGuire, said. "When I say to him, 'do you want to go to work?' he goes running to the door."
  • Students could interact with four dogs Wednesday evening. This is Allie, a three-year-old golden retriever who has been a therapy dog for two months.
  • "I feel like I really needed this," SESP sophomore Shaunmei Lim said. "I feel so much better now. Dogs really make me so happy. This is like the happiest I've been all week."
What's better than getting to pet a dog when you're stressed about midterms? Getting to pet four dogs when you're stressed about midterms! On Wednesday, ResilientNU brought dogs to Norris to promote wellness and ease student stress.


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