From Literature and Back: Saying your name

    This is part of our series “From Literature and Back,” where writers are inspired by a film that was originally a novel. This selection is based off of Andre Aciman's Call Me By Your Name.

    rosy boy, i'm carrying your name in my throat, you're brushing my name out of your hair, i'm pressing your name into clay statues, you're folding my name into paper, i'm tossing your name across the bed, you're turning my name into a star, i'm wearing your name around my neck, you're kissing my name into my ankle, i'm rubbing your name into my bones, you're writing my name in the margins, i'm transcribing your name into music, you're reciting my name like a prayer, i'm eating your name like a peach, you're buttoning my name into your shirt, i’m saying your name in the dark, you’re calling me by your name in the light, i'm whispering my name into the phone, you whisper your name back.


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