Breaking down Evanston's tightly contested mayoral race
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    What comes next? It’s the prevailing three word question on everyone’s mind after the November presidential election. With an electorate itching to exercise its political power in hopes of change and reform, there is only one next step from here: getting involved locally. On Feb. 28, registered Evanston voters (that could be you!) can pick between five progressive candidates in a primary election for mayor.

    On this ballot you’ll have a range of candidates to choose from: A disaster management consultant who has heavily campaigned on Northwestern’s campus, a professor of social policy and Haitian immigrant that wants to represent a more diverse Evanston, an alderman who has campaigned on having “tough conversations” regarding the Evanston police force, a Bernie-esque progressive lawyer who went to NU and an openly gay alderman who has worked with the City Council, Democratic Party of Evanston and Better Existence with HIV. Whoever you choose, they’ll have big shoes to fill as Evanstonians say goodbye to Mayor Tisdahl.

    The candidates have since put the drama regarding who was eligible to be on the ballot behind them and have worked to have constructive debates at several local forums. So who will come out on top? That’s up to you to decide. Click here to learn more about each candidate.


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