DM 2018: Five Fast Facts about Dan Vitale

    Danny Vitale graduated from the Northwestern football program in 2016 after appearing in 50 games, and currently plays fullback for the Cleveland Browns. In true "Once a 'Cat, always a 'Cat" spirit, Vitale appeared on video during Block 7 to cheer on his alma mater. If you missed the Vitale fan bus, don't worry – we have five fast facts about the beloved "superback."

    1. He played the one-of-a-kind superback position at Northwestern. This position combines the roles of tight end and fullback in a single position, and requires a person with "intelligence, size, physicality, and receiving skills."

    2. Vitale is tied for 10-best all-time in program history for touchdowns scored. He scored 11 career touchdowns during his time at Northwestern. He also had the fourth-most receiving yards and receiving touchdowns for a tight end in the Big Ten his senior year, and the third-most in the conference in receptions for a tight end.

    3. He hails from Wheaton, Illinois. This probably sounds familiar, because it's also where Quarterback Clayton Thorson is from – although they went to different high schools.

    4. Vitale taught himself to play guitar as a kid. He's a self-proclaimed grunge music fan and Pearl Jam groupie.

    5. He does community service, too.According to the Cleveland Browns website, "Vitale is heavily involved with the Ross K. MacNeill Foundation to end pediatric brain cancer, as well as the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation to honor God, country and families who serve the military."


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