Image by Savannah Christensen / North by Northwestern

    dark circles, swelling red

    I look into a stranger’s eyes

    what I see inside the mirror

    is someone I don’t recognize

    eyes mis-


    we’re not

    the same

    can’t remember when I fell

    just remember it didn’t hurt

    Caught myself locked in your arms

    Caught myself being more alert

    eyes mis-


    we’re not

    the same

    I’d like to think there’s a reason

    I never asked or wanted more

    and reconciled with our treasons

    held your name for a whole season

    I was used to your face, adore

    Scared, I run

    look for ...

    a chance?

    there's none


    but I don’t claim any innocence

    it, I know that I don’t have

    played each other like instruments

    a disturbing dissonance

    that I know fucked up my head


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