Dance Marathon haikus 2016

    A dancer sent in a haiku each block; we watched his ability to speak coherently deteriorate.

    Courtesy of author
    Block 1
    It's really sweaty
    How are there nine more of these
    Tell mom I love her

    Block 2
    Sweat rains from ceiling
    No one has died yet I think
    I'm optimistic?

    Block 3
    Body is failing
    Must be a way to escape
    I despise standing

    Block 4
    There's still a fucking day left
    How will I survive

    Block 5
    I am sleep dancing
    This is called insanity
    Free Bobby Shmurda

    Block 6
    I think it's daytime
    I have no concept of time

    Block 7
    80s theme did it for me
    I should survive now

    Block 8
    Really exhausted
    Sandstorm may be illegal
    I can see the light

    Block 9
    Strangely energized
    Did we really make it here?
    Smells like sweat and farts

    Block 10
    Amazing event
    I may never stand again
    But it was worth it


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