Behind the Scenes: Fusion Photobook
Photos by Cheddar Arias / North by Northwestern

“We come to Tech and we just run it like nobody’s business until it’s perfect,” said Connor O’Doherty, Fusion’s Artistic Director.

Fusion Dance Company, Northwestern University’s premier hip-hop dance company, has been practicing for their annual spring showcase since the start of Winter Quarter. The performance features pieces ranging from contemporary to breakdancing.

When asked to describe the preparations, Grant Hou, a senior in the company said, “It’s always a fun but hard experience. We have rehearsal six hours a day, everyday.”

They’ve titled this year’s show Fusion Photobook as it looks into Fusion’s favorite moments growing up, as well as some memories that resonate with many college students.

Dancer Hillary Tumbali believes that the hard work is worth it. “We have fun putting on a show and people have time watching it.”


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