Stories by Missy Chen

Missy Chen,

Holi happened, and now the Lakefill is super colorful.

Missy Chen, Morgan Smith,

NBN quizzed prospective students to see if they have what it takes to be a Wildcat.

Juliette Johnson, Missy Chen,

Condoms and lube galore. Also, sex education.

Missy Chen,

30 hours too long for you? Experience DM so far in 20 seconds. Video by Missy Chen / North by ...

Missy Chen,

Chinese Student Association and Taiwanese American Students Club hosted Celebrasia: Year of the Monkey on the evening of Feb. 13.

Missy Chen,

The Chinese International Student Association (CISA) hosted their annual flash dating event, “If You Are the One” Friday, Feb. 5th.

Haley Glazer, Missy Chen,

We like sushi, but the people in this video REALLY like sushi.

Missy Chen,

The Purple Crayon Players are putting on "She Kills Monsters," a play about dungeons and dragons and Dungeons and Dragons, this week.

Missy Chen, Rose McBride,

Hear how much (or how little) NU students know about their school.