Students boo-tify themselves for Halloween
  • Weinberg freshman Nathan Omprasadham channels Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson while leaning on The Rock.
  • Weinberg sophomore Cindy Zhu dons Asgardian headgear to complete her costume for Loki, from Thor.
  • Weinberg senior Javier Madrazo combines two holidays with his Buddy the Elf onesie.
  • Undergraduate program coordinator Jasmine Bomer keeps it simple with bunny ears and whiskers.
  • Communication freshman Jada Morgan (left) and Weinberg freshman Yaakov Gottlieb dress up as a bunny and Yoda from Star Wars, respectively.
  • Weinberg and Bienen fifth-year student Jackie Kerns wears the iconic Louise ears from Bob’s Burgers.
  • Communication junior Kendra Gujral twirls as Disney’s first princess, Snow White.

Whether they’re tricking or treating, Halloween always gives people an excuse to bring out their best costumes. With the holiday falling on a Wednesday this year, it wasn’t hard to find classes filled with students celebrating in creative outfits of their own, giving campus some fall flair.


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