Northwestern's finest spring flowers
  • The Baha'i temple is one of the best flower havens near campus.
  • A walk to the Baha’i temple is always a great escape during finals week - you can find this flowers (any many others) lining the sidewalks as you walk north on Sheridan.
  • You can find these bonnets behind Shepard Hall (Clark Street side) and you might get funny looks if you kneel to get a picture…
  • These big flowers are in a big circular planter in front of Fisk - take a quick walk down to the beach or along the path in the Centennial Park while you’re in the area!
  • My memory is betraying me right now and I can’t remember where these are from, but take a walk any direction across campus and you’ll be sure to see some beautiful flowers sprouting.

After possibly the longest winter ever (at least for freshmen from the South who had no idea what they were getting themselves into), the Canadian Geese have finally returned to closets across campus. As we begin Week Eight, I’m here to remind you that even when the end of classes feel like too much to bear, we have gorgeous flowers beginning to show their faces all over campus again. Here’s some of the beautiful spots on campus when you need a break in the next few weeks.


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