Snowmen of Northwestern
  • This stern snowman strikes an imposing but impressive figure in the Sorority Quad.
  • Anyone passing by 1838 Chicago has probably seen this friendly fellow waving hello.
  • This little guy is also stationed outside 1838 Chicago, but seems markedly less friendly.
  • This tall snowman by Shepard has either hurt his head or is just missing it altogether.
  • If you ever pass by Mudd, you might see this happy little guy. His form is unusually angular, but his smile is undeniably charming.
  • This small snowman standing guard outside of Chapin has sadly lost its eyes. Hopefully two replacement pebbles will be found soon.
Photo by Cynthia Zhang / North by Northwestern

It’s been upsettingly cold this past week at Northwestern. But as temperatures have plummeted, some students have made the best of the snowy weather by building their very own frosty friends on campus. Take a walk outside (if you’re willing endure the cold, that is) and you’re bound to spot a few of these creative snow creations!


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