Five Josh Peck clips to watch before his Hillel speech

    Last night, Hillel announced actor and comedian Josh Peck as its fall speaker. Peck is most famous for his role as Josh Nichols on Nickelodeon sitcom Drake & Josh (and his iconic quote, "Hug me, brotha!"), but Peck also made a name for himself as a Vine and YouTube star. Before you see him speak next week, here are some clips from his long career as an actor and comedian to get you in the ~mood~. 

    1. Drake & Josh #tbt

    When Peck got 2 milion followers on YouTube, he compiled a celebratory highlight reel of some of his most famous Drake & Josh quotes. Highlights include: "Megan!" and "It's spherical!"

    2. When you forget to lock the bathroom door

    This Vine perfectly captures the pure, unadulterated fear of when you realize you forgot to lock the door behind you and now you regret everything. 

    3. Peck's first-ever vlog

    When Peck got married in June to his wife Paige O'Brien (a cinematographer and film editor), he chronicled the days leading up to the wedding.

    4. Peck doing stand-up at age 10 

    When Peck was 10, he did a brief stand-up comedy routine on The Rosie Show that shall forever live in infamy.

    5. Drake & Josh VMA reunion

    Peck and former co-star Drake Bell met up at the VMAs and it was everything we could hope for.


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