Nehaarika Mulukutla to run uncontested for ASG president

    Weinberg junior Nehaarika Mulukutla is to run uncontested for Associated Student Government (ASG) president, she and her vice presidential candidate Rose Gambrah announced Tuesday night after launching their campaign website. Mulukutla is currently ASG's Speaker of the Senate, and Gambrah is ASG's VP of Student Activities.

    Their campaign focuses on mental health and increasing campus accessibility for all groups. They identified goals such as creating Personal Development classes for all majors (currently, these spaces to discuss mental health exist only within McCormick), expanding SES grants to cover club fees and Greek life dues, and organizing quarterly campaigns to stand with sexual assault survivors. They also want to end NU's dry-campus policy and make it possible for approved student groups such as MARS or SHAPE to purchase alcohol.

    "The culture of our campus systematically de-prioritizes mental health by normalizing depression, anxiety and poor mental wellness," Mulukutla and Gambrah said on their website. "We want to confront the unhealthy and detrimental elements of our culture to directly address why students feel unhappy at Northwestern."

    The two also want to create a permanent advisory committee within ASG composed of marginalized voices and groups on campus. Furthermore, they want to create a Northwestern liason with NorthShore Medical Center to guarantee students' rights to free ambulance rides, drug testing and rape kits. 

    Editor's note: a previous version of this story misidentified vice presidential candidate Rose Gambrah as the current ASG VP of Student Life. She is the VP of Student Activities. This change was made at 8:06 a.m. on Wednesday, March 29.


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