My Box: Step into my playroom

    Dear readers,

    Welcome back to the sexiest column on campus.

    In case you’re not familiar, “My Box” is your safe place to ask and explore anything and everything about sex and relationships. I’ll be your guide and your best friend as we explore my favorite topic and pastime.

    Who is your new Mistress, you ask? I’ll keep my bio short and simple, lest you figure out who I actually am. I am a Weinberg student, and I identify as a bisexual, cisgender woman. I have always been fascinated with sex – one of my earliest memories was being five and trying to figure it all out by myself. (Early, I know.)

    My sexual experience has been varied and adventurous, to say the least. As an avid member of the BDSM community and part of a polyamorous relationship, I’ve had my fair share of curiosity and open-minded exploration in terms of my sexual identity. I have come a long way from my early days of staying up all night talking dirty (still one of my favorite activities while doing chores), to losing my virginity at 16, to excitedly anticipating my first orgy now. In the last few years, I have enjoyed everything from the explosively pleasurable to the not-so-memorable moments of sex.

    A quick disclaimer: As a bisexual female who has predominantly had male partners, I am definitely not an expert on all forms of sexual relationships and identities. I can only speak from my experiences and do my best to research for you.

    My inbox is for you, dear readers, to ask me anything at all that you’re curious about. I have always served as an enthusiastic listening ear for my friends’ sex lives – from stories of their first time, to pregnancy scares, to how to begin introducing kink into the bedroom. Rest assured, I don’t think anything would scare, surprise or disgust me; I’ve pretty much seen it all and been in many strange positions (sometimes literally) myself.

    Reach out to me any time, I’m yours.

    Ask me anonymously.
    Let’s talk.

    Stay turned on,

    The Mistress


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