ASG confirms new executive board, votes on funding

    During ASG Senate Wednesday night, senators confirmed new executive board appointments. The following senators were confirmed to the executive board:

    • Sustainability VP: Weinberg junior Katie Mansur
    • Services VP: McCormick sophomore Daniel Knight
    • Public Relations VP: Weinberg sophomore Emily Ash
    • Accessibility & Inclusion VP: SESP freshman Austin Gardner
    • Analytics VP: Weinberg sophomore Eshawn Sharma
    • Community Relations VP: SESP sophomore Michael Deneroff
    • Campus Life VP: McCormick junior Vikas Kethineedi
    • Health & Wellness VP: Weinberg junior Olivia Paulhac
    • Academics VP: SESP sophomore Sky Patterson

    In addition to confirmations, senators voted to fund Vision: Concept Crew, a new hip-hop/urban dance team on campus. The group's aim is to perform specifically for film/camera, and they requested $1000 to fund lights, camera equipment and other accessories.  


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