5 facts about James Carville and Sheryl Sandberg

    Dance Marathon's first celebrities to provide some encouragement for the dancers this year were James Carville, who was the lead strategist for Bill Clinton's campaign in 1992, and Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer (COO) of Facebook. Carville is known for his lively debate style and political commentary on CNN, and Sandberg wrote Lean In, a book about working women. Here are some other fast facts about DM's first celebrity video guests.

    1. Sandberg was voted one of TIME's 2013 100 most influential peopleShe was also named one of Forbes' most powerful women in the world in 2016.

    2. Carville was born in Carville, Louisiana. The town was named after his great-grandfather, Arthur, who was the postmaster at the time of the town's founding.

    3. Sandberg once launched a campaign to ban the word bossyShe worked with Beyoncé and other celebrities in an effort to promote female leadership and empower women in the workplace.

    4. Carville and his wife are the epitome of "opposites attract.While Carville is a dedicated Democrat, his wife Mary Matalin is just as far on the other end of the spectrum: she is a staunch Republican, and was deputy director for George H.W. Bush's reelection campaign in 1992. The two met on the campaign trail, and although they have starkly different political opinions, have been married 23 years.

    5. Even though Sandberg promotes women in business, some feminists still don't like her. Sandberg once told 60 Minutes that the reason men dominate the workplace is because women hold themselves back, and some feminists see that as women-blaming, particularly because Sandberg herself is a self-made billionaire. However, Sandberg said rather than blaming women, she is simply trying to understand why they don't speak up more often.

    Bonus: Carville's net worth is $5 million. While this may be more than you expected for a political strategist in his early 70s, Carville actually has quite a bit of money stashed away. He's currently a political science professor at Tulane University and has worked for media outlets such as CNN. 


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